Friday, November 19, 2010

Bryan Fischer on God's Approval of Aggressive Wars: The Price of U.S. Catholic Bishops' Alliance with Religious Right

Dear God: it wasn't enough for Bryan Fischer to write recently that Jesus's death on the cross is an icon indicating God's approval of militaristic aggression, and as Andrew Sullivan aptly puts it, kicking ass on the cross.

The bottom line here is that the God of the Bible clearly honors those who show valor and gallantry in waging aggressive war in a just cause against the enemies of freedom, even while inflicting massive casualties in the process.

What I'm saying is that it's time we started imitating God's example again.

Fischer has also, of course, crusaded for the "death penalty" for animals that kill humans, and for those who are gay and lesbian, citing the bible as well for those positions.

And these are the kind of people that our Republican-glorifying, right-tilting U.S. Catholic bishops want, increasingly, to get into bed with.  Better start stripping our churches of all the statues of St. Francis, with his prayer encouraging us to make peace and forgive our enemies, and his journey by foot to embrace the Sultan.  And while we're at it, we might expunge those lines from the gospels in which Jesus tells us that peacemakers are blessed, those who take the sword will die by it, we'll be forgiven in the measure by which we forgive our own enemies, and in which he asks his father to forgive those who crucify him.

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