Friday, November 19, 2010

Catholic Theology of the Body: Bogus Science Propping Up Bad Theology

And dear God again: I noted yesterday the extremely shaky "scientific" foundation that the newly elected president of the U.S. Catholic bishops' conference, Timothy Dolan, wants to cite for Catholic officials' opposition to same-sex marriage: a one man, one woman model of marriage is hardwired in human DNA, doncha know.

And now this: this analysis pops up in an interesting Commonweal blog thread in which Lisa Fullam argues that a church really committed to preserving and strengthening marriage should, in a society in which a growing number of folks reject marriage altogether, honor and protect loving, faithful, same-sex marriages.

In response, a member of the John Paul II theology-of-the-body crowd, with its magical-mystical theory of male-female complementarity (and perennial male domination of females), and its pretense to decipher the codes of nature for the rest of us while ignoring scads of evidence for the naturalness of same-sex behavior in the animal kingdom, Gregory Popcak, informs us it's all about the semen.

Really.  That old Catholic male-clerical preoccupation with penises, what they do, where they go, but above all, when and where they ejaculate, is now being dressed up in new scientific clothing.  "Science" informs us that it's all about semen and where it lands, since--I'm not making this up--semen ejaculated into a vagina cements a bond between a man and a woman that semen ejaculated anyplace else just can't cement.

It's all about a penis, what it does, where it ends up, where it ejaculates, and a receptive female container designed to receive that penis and its ejaculate.  So the church naturally (I use that word with full intent) marries infertile male-female couples, but not same-sex couples, since the unitive function of marriage is still served in the former case through the union-cementing function of semen ejaculated in the eager and waiting female apparatus.  But that union-cementing function is lacking when two women have sex (no semen, no union), and when two men have sex (semen aplenty, but no eager and waiting female apparatus to log in the donation and increase the bank account of marital unity).

Really.  This is where the Catholic church is willing to go today, in its defense of the "sanctity" of "traditional" marriage.  This is where the Catholic church is willing to go today with its claims to have discovered even deeper dimensions of the DNA-encoded one man, one woman model of marriage.  Bogus natural law propped up by ludicrous science posturing as religious conviction and profound, serious moral insight . . . .

Is it any wonder that increasing numbers of morally sensitive, thinking people are walking away from a church that promotes such toxic nonsense about semen and vaginas and the superiority of heterosexual anything, when people have eyes to see that gay human beings also love and bond deeply, and that their marriages work as well as if not better than those cemented by semen in eager and receptive vaginas?

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