Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nicole Sotelo on Minnesota Catholic Bishops and Knights of Columbus: Blatant Politicking for Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Emmer

Excellent commentary by Nicole Sotelo at National Catholic Reporter right now, on the overt partisan political game that the Catholic bishops of Minnesota are playing with their anti-gay marriage video.  Sotelo incisively analyzes the role that the Knights of Columbus and National Organization for marriage are playing in collusion with the Minnesota bishops in this bid to put Republican Tom Emmer in the Minnesota governor's seat.  And her breakdown of the specific reasons why the bishops' production and mailing of this video is overt politicking on behalf of Emmer is outstanding.

With each article that Sotelo writes for NCR, I become more impressed with her.  She is an outstanding journalist, and it's to the credit of NCR that they're providing a place for her.

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