Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gay Republicans Invite Ann Coulter to Dialogue and Sup: Coulter Lectures and Dines on Gay Republicans

I've just blogged about stupidity.  About the stupidity of many of us, as we invite those exploiting and demean us to keep on exploiting and demeaning us, while they preach to us about how God placed them in power over us.

And now I'd like to notice another spectacular piece of mind-boggling stupidity that Candace Chellew-Hodge dissects masterfully at Religion Dispatches today--the decision of gay Republicans at GOProud to invite inveterate homophobe Ann Coulter to a banquet for a "real conversation."

A conversation at which Coulter promptly gobbled up her gay hosts, insulting them every way from Sunday, while downing the food and wine they laid in for her and the evening's "conversation.". Coulter told them that marriage is not a civil right, and that they aren't black and shouldn't expect the civil rights that other minority groups enjoy.  Tacky and soulless as she is, in other words--as any fool would already have known she is and would have expected her to be at this soiree--she partook of her hosts' hospitality and promptly proceeded to trash them.

And any fool could have predicted this outcome, since, when those who set the centrist table and invite the lion and the lamb to dine together don't take any precautions to muzzle the lion, the lambs always find themselves devoured.

But how curious--and how inane--when it's the lambs who are inviting the lion to gobble them up.  

I can only conclude that the self-hatred woven into the souls of many of us who are gay, with which we struggle constantly as we keep coming out of the closet day after day, can spectacularly twist some minds and some hearts.

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