Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ABC News Reports on Epidemic of Suicides of Gay Teens

An addendum to what I posted earlier today on the spate of recent suicides of gay teens: I'm just now seeing at Box Turtle Bulletin that Jim Burroway has linked to ABC news coverage of this tragic problem, with information about Dan Savage's It Gets Better project to support gay youth experiencing bullying.

Kudos to Diane Sawyer and ABC news.

The bullying needs to stop. And adults (including members of communities of faith) who continue to treat gay and lesbian people as second-class citizens unworthy of rights need to think again about the message they're giving gay young people as they vent their prejudice or remain apathetic about the denial of human rights to a targeted minority.

P.S. Just now seeing, too, that Colleen Kochivar-Baker has an outstanding posting on this topic at her Enlightened Catholicism blog, emphasizing the need to create safe, loving spaces for gay teens to come to terms with their identities.

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