Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Democrats Ditch Progressive Base Again, as Elections Near

And how are Democrats in the beltway preparing for the onslaught of angry male voters and angry tea party theocrats this fall?  Well, they're doing so in typical two-left-feet fashion by assaulting their own base.  They're once again knocking the progressive wing of the Democratic party in the futile hope of convincing independent swing voters to dance to the center-right Democratic tune.

Glenn Greenwald comments at Salon about President Obama's recent slam of his progressive base at a $30,000-per-plate DNC fundraising dinner at the Richman home in Connecticut (no, I am not making this up).  As does Jason Linkins at Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, as the New York Times/CBS poll I cited in my posting a moment ago about the male-female binary model notes, large--and significant--swathes of the hoped-for independent base of voters who might have voted Democratic in the coming elections are reporting that they intend to sit out the elections.  Because the Democratic party and the Obama administration have simply not delivered on their promises.

It might have been a far cannier political strategy actually to do what they claimed they intended to do, once we elected them, than to knock their own base and try to manipulate fear of the other party as their primary strategy now that the embarrassing elections are nearing.

The graphic for this posting, which belongs to Menage a Moi at Flickr, is the illustration for IdioMeaning's definition of the colloquial phrase, "to cut off one's nose to spite one's face."

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