Saturday, September 25, 2010

Virginia Executes Retarded Grandmother, Pro-Life Catholic Attorney General Cuccinelli Issues Notice of Execution

As the Commonwealth of Virginia executed Teresa Lewis, a grandmother who was classified as borderline retarded, in the past week, I have seen commentary about the execution on various Catholic blog sites.

But never a mention at any of the sites where I've read commentary from a Catholic perspective that the attorney general of Virginia is a staunchly pro-life Catholic.  It was Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, Jr., who released the press statement notifying the public of Ms. Lewis's execution by a " just sentence of death."

A Republican, Ken Cuccinelli is a principled conservative: he is pro-life regarding abortion, has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, and has a 100% pro-business voting record as rated by the National Federation of Independent Business. Cuccinelli publicly stated that it was very likely that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and that the validity of any law that he signed could be challenged to raise the question of Obama's citizenship. He is extremely critical of the homosexual agenda, and sent a letter to all public schools in Virginia demanding that they stop promoting and granting homosexuals protections they don't legally have.

Perhaps my list of things reading Newman didn't prepare me to know about being a card-carrying Catholic should be expanded to include this: Pro-life Catholics are "pro-life regarding abortion."  But not regarding capital punishment.

Not even when the grandmother being executed is mentally retarded.

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