Friday, September 24, 2010

Protesters During Benedict's British Tour: New Additions to the Story

Meanwhile, and as a continuation of my postings arguing that the mainstream Catholic media spectacularly missed the point during the papal visit to Britain when they sought to lump all protesters together with secularists and atheists: good reports with moving, cogent statements by Catholic (and other) protesters of the papal visit are now appearing on various blogs.

At his Queering the Church blog, Terry Weldon makes available a powerful statement by Catholic priest Fr. Bernard Lynch at the Protest the Pope rally.  And at his Daily Dish blog, Andrew Sullivan has just uploaded a video clip of journalist Johann Hari addressing the protest rally.  As Sullivan notes, Hari's speech is "pro-Catholic," though Hari himself is not Catholic.

As I said a few days ago, our mainstream Catholic journals have not done the church a service by reporting on the papal visit solely in an adulatory vein, and by publishing one article after another disguising the role of Catholics who validly disagree with the pope on some issues in the protests that took place during the papal visit.  A truly Catholic perspective requires catholic reporting.

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