Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project: A Resource to Combat Bullying of Gay Teens

As the list of interests enumerated on my profile page for Bilgrimage notes, one of the interests that motivated me to start this blog is to stop bullying of LGBT students in schools.

For those who share this concern (and it's a significant need, as one gender-questioning teen after another commits suicide after school bullying), I'd like to note a valuable new educational resource.  This is a YouTube project that journalist-blogger Dan Savage and his partner have created, called It Gets Better.

Dan Savage and his partner Terry started the project with a video recounting their own experiences with bullying as gay teens.  They've invited others to upload their stories to the site, and the site already has a rich assortment of videos only a few days after it has gotten underway.

As Jim David asks in the Huffington Post article to which my first link above points, how many more teens have to die in our schools due to anti-gay bullying, while "Christian" groups like Focus on the Family try to block anti-gay bullying programs in schools?   Kudos to Dan Savage for doing something positive and helpful for teens experiencing this kind of harassment.

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