Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tweets on Eve of Historic U.S. Election: "Will Always Be Remembered as the Presidential Election in Which the KKK, the KGB and the FBI All Supported the Same Candidate"

The Twittersphere is on fire today, with one zingy tweet after another commenting on American political life (and culture) on the eve* of a monumentally important election. To save you the trouble of weeding through tweets, I'm sharing some I've noticed today. And liked, admittedly, because of their wry humor, something I see myself in desperate need of on the eve of said monumentally important election. Here goes:

Charles Blow has been on a roll tweeting about how singularly unimpressed he is with the Clinton email "scandal." Not sure which of his tweets in the "Unless these Clinton emails contain" series I like best. Here are two of  my favorites:

In response to a tweet by Ben Domenech about those poor victimized Trump supporters who have been told "over and over" by "elites," "You are not allowed to want that thing," and are fed up, David Badash tweets: 

As Christopher Hayes tweets the following, he reminds us of what one Donald J. Trump tweeted in December 2011 (I refuse to link to one Donald J. Trump's twitter feed), 

Barney Frank looked disgusting--nipples protruding--in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful.

And here's Christopher Hayes' tweet reminding us of what Melania Trump's husband has actually said as she decries how "mean" our culture has gotten:

John Fugelsang is on a roll similar to Charles Blow's, tweeting a series of tweets that begin "I'm not voting next week cos." Here are two of my favorites from that series today:

Laugh? Cry? Both at the same time? We're living through some times, are we not?

*You realize I'm not using the word "eve" literally, right?

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