Monday, November 7, 2016

On the Demonic Potential of the "Pro-Life" Movement in the U.S.: See the Pro-Trump Stunt Father Frank Pavone Has Just Pulled

This article by Sarah Pulliam Bailey is now circulating on social media sites on the eve of the election: it opens,

Ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, the Rev. Frank Pavone took an aborted fetus, laid it upon an altar Sunday and posted a live video on Facebook. Pavone, a Catholic priest who heads New York-based Priests for Life, said the fetus was entrusted to him by a pathologist for burial.

And so please let me repeat what I wrote earlier today:

As I said earlier today, the so-called "pro-life" movement in the U.S. has become a corrosive, anti-life political force in the U.S. that itself deserves the tag demonic, because it has become a vehicle for hateful, socially destructive -isms that are now threatening to rend the social fabric of America.

And anyone who thinks Christianity has a viable future in the U.S. following this historic election has work cut out for him/her: that work is quite specifically to rescue Christianity and its brand from the truly demonic "pro-life" movement in American Christianity. What an image people like Pavone give to the Catholic church in the U.S.! This stunt is wrong on more levels than I know how to count.

The screenshot is from the article by Sarah Pulliam Bailey linked above.

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