Sunday, November 6, 2016

Addendum for Your Scrapbook: Report of Someone Walking Out of Mass Today as Priest Tries to Nudge Parishioners to Trump

The tweet above was just tweeted by Catholic Democrats. If you click on the tweet to which Catholic Democrats is responding, you see that that tweeter, CrazyScientist899, lives in East Hanover, NJ. Here's his tweet to which Catholic Democrats is responding:

And citing Trump's closing campaign statements, which reeked of anti-Semitism, New York Times writer Paul Krugman has just tweeted the following:

Two more snapshot items from the eve of the election to add to the scrapbook. Note what Catholic Democrats says in response to CrazyScientist899's tweet: Catholic Democrats expects to hear a lot of stories about Catholic parish priests today trying to herd Catholic voters into the Trump column. That's the gist of Catholic Democrats' response to the report of CrazyScientist899 that he has walked out of Mass today because his priest attacked President Obama as a non-believer.

The ominous silence of the U.S. Catholic bishops — those who have not overtly endorsed Donald Trump — should not be taken as a decision to stand above the political fray. It's complicit silence, every bit like the silence of white evangelical pastors discussed in a link I provided in my previous posting.

The churches — white ones — have much to answer for this election cycle. Like the churches all over Germany that remained conspicuously silent as Hitler rose to power. When their pastors did not overtly endorse Hitler.

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