Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanking You for Your Comments

You all may have noticed I have not been able to keep up with thanking you for and responding to comments here in the past few days. As always, I so much appreciate your comments and hope you won't think my lack of a response is due to my lack of gratitude. My email inbox and Facebook page have been inundated with comments following the election, and I'm having the dickens of a time trying to keep up with all of those comments and emails and comments here. I am very glad to see you talking among yourselves. Please know I'm reading even when I don't reply — and that I appreciate you!

We need each other and the dialogues and information-sharing. Those of us connected to churches are not going to find much honest, open discussion of issues being discussed here at the various websites of journals affiliated with our churches. The "liberal" Catholic journals are really showing their hand following this election, and demonstrating in an incontrovertible way the intellectual impoverishment of American Catholicism at this point in its history — the intellectual impoverishment, and, let's face it, the dishonesty and outright cruelty, of both its ordained and lay leaders. It's up to the rest of us to share information and carry on discussions as leading Christian journals in the U.S. betray their moral responsibility at this critical moment of American history.

The graphic is from the Instagram page of titifenty. Since it is accompanied by a download button, I'm assuming this Instagram user has made the illustration available for online sharing. It's not clear to me whether titifenty is the artist whose name is written in the lower righthand corner, which I cannot make out entirely.*

* Later: see Nicole's comment below, which states that the artist is Jessica Jacks Turkas. I'm very grateful to her for making this inspiring artwork available for sharing online.

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