Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Stark Split Between White and Latino Catholics" in Current Election Cycle Noted Again

Lauren Markoe writes, noting the PRRI-Catholic University of America media event yesterday to which I pointed you in the last two days, 

Catholics overall have gone with the winner in the presidential race consistently, said Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI. "But that's happened because of some interesting push and pull underneath the surface of that water between white and Latino Catholics. … It's not that Catholics overall are just evenly divided. But it’s these two subgroups that are pushing in opposite directions." 
While white Catholics favor GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton 48 to 41 percent in a recent PRRI poll, the opposite is true of non-white Catholics, the vast majority of whom are Latino. Those non-white Catholics choose Clinton over Trump 78 to 17 percent.

And she concluded by pointing to the gender gap in the white Catholic vote about which I have previously blogged, with polls showing58 percent of white Catholic men favoring Trump, while only 38 percent of Catholic women do so. 

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