Sunday, November 6, 2016

More for the Scrapbook, When Next Generation Asks, "What Did You Do as Trump Vied for the Presidency?" Snapshots on Eve of Election

More for your scrapbook, to bring out when the next generation asks (and they will and should ask), "Where were you when Donald Trump rose to power? What were you doing? How did you respond? What was happening in our nation?" Many of the following tidbits are snapshots of who we are and what we're doing on the eve of a monumentally important election in the U.S. — perfect scrapbook items for that reason:

Washington Post editorializes

WHEN THE republic was in danger, where did you stand? History will ask that question of Republican leaders who knew that Donald Trump was unfit to be commander in chief.

Esme Cribb on the 800+ voting places closed in the U.S. after the Supreme Court's Shelby County v. Holder decision: 

A reader of TPM Cafe telling its editor Josh Marshall about how his "moderate" Republican (and evangelical Christian) aunt moved from saying, "Never Trump!," to justifying her vote for him: 

When I confronted her [my aunt] and my uncle about her broken promise, she said "we're not voting for Trump, we're voting against Hillary." I think this is how many Republicans are justifying their awful choice. They'll never admit that they'd voted for such an historically terrible candidate, but will always frame it as voting against something. This logic completely frees them of any moral responsibility for Trump, and they can argue that they never supported his horrifying behavior.

Alan McCornick on whom Trump has brought out of the woodwork: 

[W]e've gone from a time when people who believed "Hitler didn’t go far enough" or "blacks need to know their place" or "Mexicans are rapists" stayed pretty much out of sight, and we all thought the KKK was nowhere to be seen any longer. 
Turns out we may have been wrong about that.  All it took was a Donald Trump to bring them out.

Please see this footnote to the posting above, with more tweets to add to your scrapbook. 

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