Monday, February 10, 2014

National Catholic Reporter Plans to Re-Open Comments Threads: See Helpful Information at Links Below

It seems I'm issuing versions of PSAs today. I've just told you all about the NPR Worldview program regarding the recent U.N. report about the Vatican's handling of sexual abuse cases. I'm listening to that program as I type this posting (I'm something of a type A personality--sometimes, at least--hence a multi-tasker). 

I now want to tell any readers who may not have seen the following notices at the National Catholic Reporter website that NCR is preparing to open its comments threads again, after the NCR site temporarily shut these down a few weeks ago. Dennis Coday announces the reopening of the NCR discussion threads here, and Pam Cohen has now posted a piece asking those who will be making comments at NCR to go to Disqus and verify their email addresses. 

For my previous discussions of when and why NCR chose to suspend its comments threads for a period of time, see here and here. NCR does a valuable service to the Catholic church in the U.S. via its comments threads, and I wish the journal much success as it continues the monumental task of weeding through numerous comments each day, and trying to make judicious and charitable decisions about these. 

It's not by any means an easy task, as I learn almost every day here at Bilgrimage moderating the far less numerous (and generally less wide-ranging in their ideological stances) comments left here on any given day.

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