Friday, February 28, 2014

Blog Slowdown--Nursing Duties

Dear Friends,

I may be behinder than usual in acknowledging your much-appreciated comments here for the next day or so. We've spent an anxious night and morning dealing with what appears to be a severe case of viral gastroenteritis. Steve spent the entire night trekking to the toilet to vomit, and we went to the doctor as soon as the office opened this morning, when we found he couldn't even drink a cup of weak tea. They found Steve very dehydrated and kept him all morning, hydrating him with an i.v.

I've never been the world's greatest nurse, but am trying to do my best to see that he's warm and resting. He had been complaining of feeling very cold before the vomiting set in, and continues to find it difficult to warm up--and can't take any liquids by mouth, including hot ones, until his stomach settles in a few days. So I'm heaping him with quilts and have the heat in the house ratcheted up, in the hope that I can make things comfortable enough that he can sleep this afternoon.

We'd very much appreciate your holding us in the light--Steve, that he soon get over this bout of a nasty viral infection, and me, that I can fulfill my nursing duties with, well, if not total competence, at least with cheerfulness and composure! Thanks for understanding why I'm slow to respond to comments right now, and may be slow to blog for a day or so.

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