Friday, February 7, 2014

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Story of 9-Year-Old Brazilian Girl the Kind of Story That Attracts Attention for Reproductive Rights of Children

At America, Molly Roach offers a powerful rejoinder to Vatican officials and their media enablers who want to pooh-pooh the recent U.N. report's recommendations that the Vatican look at how its position on contraception, gay rights, and abortion affects children:

Apparently Archbishop Tomasi wasn't briefed about the 9 year old Brazilian child impregnated by her mother's lover who was carrying twins. This was in 2009. It was a life threatening situation for this little girl and her doctor performed an abortion. The outcome? The doctor and the girl's mother were excommunicated by the local bishop for facilitating an abortion . This was later praised by a Vatican official. Pastoral care for the child? Not a thought was given to that. This is the kind of situation that attracts attention and concern for the reproductive rights of girls. Archbishop Tomasi would be foolish to neglect the source of the concern regarding this issue. It is no longer possible for the hierarchs to claim innocence about such matters---they are all too well documented. I think that this UN document is earth shaking and will be impossible to ignore no matter how strong the objections may be.

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