Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arizona Catholic Conference Yanks Its "Action Alert" Calling on Catholics to Ask Gov. Brewer to Sign Anti-Gay Bill

Earlier today, I blogged about the "Action Alert" issued by the Catholic bishops of Arizona asking Catholics in their state to contact Governor Brewer and ask her to sign the anti-gay bill into law. As Jim McCrea has pointed out in a later thread today, the Arizona Catholic Conference has now yanked this "Action Alert" from its website. The file was here, and now points to a "page not found" message with no indication that the "Action Alert" calling on Catholics to support the gay-discrimination bill ever existed.

Google Cache has, however, preserved the "Action Alert." It's here

Here's a screenshot of the "Action Alert" from the Arizona Catholic bishops to the Catholic people of Arizona:

It's interesting, isn't it, that the Arizona bishops were so determined to scrub this page from their website today--with no notice that it had ever been there.

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