Sunday, February 9, 2014

Brief Takes from Week's News Commentary: Russia, Russia, Russia (and Nigeria)


Homophobia is all but dead, they say. Think again. What’s going on in Russia is absolutely terrifying.  


Along with Putin and the plutocrats, the Olympics are a marketing bonanza for multinational corporations.


STEPHEN COLBERT: What do you have against Vladimir Putin, he’s a strong man, that’s what Russia needs. 
PUSSY RIOT: We have different ideas about a bright future, and we don’t want a shirtless man on a horse leading us into that.

The bailiff’s leather whip struck him 20 times, and when it was over, the man’s side and back were covered with bruises. 
Still, the large crowd outside was disappointed, the judge recalled: The penalty for gay sex under local Islamic law is death by stoning.

The photo of a young girl listening to the radio in the period 1938-1945 is from the U.S. National Archives, by way of Wikimedia Commons.

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