Monday, June 3, 2013

Quote for the Day: "For Some, Social Media Is the White Hood of the Twenty-First Century"

At the Nation site, Dave Sirin writes about the comments his article calling on the NBA to suspend Roy Hibbert for his recent "no homo" comment has been eliciting on social networking sites:

After sifting through the responses to this article on Twitter and Facebook, it was stunning how many were homophobic, misogynistic and just stupid as all hell. For some, social media is the white hood of the twenty-first century: a place to be hateful under a mask of anonymity.

Sirin has that right. Spend just a little time on many "Christian" websites where people feel free to vent outright hatred in the name of "God" against their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, and you'll quickly see in broad daylight the dynamic he's describing here. 

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