Thursday, June 27, 2013

Commentary about Response of Religious Bodies to SCOTUS Decision Striking Down DOMA

For those seeking commentary about the response of various religious bodies to yesterday's SCOTUS decision striking down DOMA, a wealth of good material has come online in the past two days, particularly at the Religion Dispatches site. Here are some links, in no particular order:

Peter Montgomery, Religion Dispatches, "How Will Religious Conservatives Follow Through on Marriage Bluster?"

Joanna Brooks, RD, "Mormons Absorb SCOTUS Prop 8 Ruling"

Anthea Butler, RD, "DOMA Defeat Represents 'Persecution,' Some Say"

Pamela R. Lightsey, RD, "From Voting Rights to Today's DOMA Repeal--LGBT Orgs Are Missing the Rainbow"

David Gushee, RD, "Christians v. Gays: The Damage Done

Fred Clark, Slacktivist, "DOMA Unconstitutional, Prop 8 Goes Away"

Susan Thistlethwaite, Occupy the Bible, "Everything Jesus Said Against Gay Marriage" ("This page intentionally left blank")

James Martin, SJ, "In All Things," America, "USCCB on Supreme Court Decision: 'Tragic Day for Marriage and Our Nation'"

Eduardo Peñalver, dotCommonweal, "DOMA and Deference"

Thomas Reese, National Catholic Reporter, "For Bishops, Gay Marriage Fight Moves to States"

And I'm sure I'm missing many other valuable statements. Please feel free to note the ones I've missed in comments.

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