Friday, June 21, 2013

New Round of USCCB Fortnight for Freedom Bashes Starts on Summer Solstice, Runs to Independence Day: Y'all Be There, You Hear?

Child! Do I have some news for you! I hear tell the Catholics gon' put on a big show this evening. Yessir, summer souls--is it soul sisters they talk about?--right on up to Independence Day, July 4th. One big show after another.

Y'all be there, you hear?

This evening, that nice bishop-man Mr. Lori gon' start a big shebang for freedom, child, up in Baltimore, Maryland. Here, let him 'splain it all to you in this t.v. show. Just listen: Mr. Lori says it's all 'bout equality. Freedom's based on equality, that nice man says in this t.v. clip. Equality for all. Here's how Mr. Lori says it,

Government should not impose any special civil disadvantages or otherwise discriminate against its citizens.

And then something 'bout religion.

Child, what you don't know is how Catholics are being persecuted right now. The Catholics, someone's trying to take away their freedom and stop them from believing what they believe, talking about what they believe, telling people how to vote in the name of Jesus and do government business the way Catholics believe. 

Look at this right here from the office of the Catholic bishops in the U.S. It 'splains it all for you. Catholics are being told they have to give out them nasty old birth control pills when they give out health insurance, and that Supreme Court might even redefine marriage next week, child! Catholics are in bad shape if they stand up and show what they believe these days, child, and if you don't believe me, just look at all these "current threats to religious liberty" of Catholics from the program about the big religious freedom events that start this evening.

You be there, child! You watch that video with that nice Ms. Samantha Bee about how Christians are treated in this nation right now. And listen to this nice radio man Mr. Rick Wiles about how demons are stalking our land and talking right out through the mouths of Obamanistas who hate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and gon' turn this nation into Nazi Germany, child!

I know you may not be a Catholic and you may think all this Catholic business is somebody else's business. But it's your business if you're a Christian and you want to stop Satan talking out of the mouths of Obamanistas who hate our Lord and Savior. So you be there and stand up for religious freedom tonight, and sing "Faith of Our Fathers" right along with the Catholics.

The Catholics sure do know how to put on a show, anyway, and what's wrong with being there to enjoy the show, child?

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