Friday, June 7, 2013

Disqus Commenting Problems?

An esteemed reader of Bilgrimage has told me lately that he's having problems with the Disqus commenting system. When he tries to load a comments box, he receives a message that Disqus is loading slowly, and then eventually another message asks if he wants to try reloading Disqus. The end result: no Disqus comments box ever opens for him.

I hope other readers aren't having this problem. I do know of a reader who has difficulty commenting on a mobile device, and have been trying to work on that problem. I've notified Disqus of the loading problem, and received a message back from some of their tech folks saying that the loading problem is one occurring widely, but only for some Disqus users, it seems. And Disqus tells me they're working on the problem.

Meanwhile, this is a Disqus help page that suggests some fixes that may help some readers having difficulty loading comboxes. If these don't help, I'm hoping that Disqus will soon fix whatever is causing this problem, and I'll keep you posted about what I hear from Disqus. I'm sorry this is happening to some readers, too.

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