Friday, June 21, 2013

Exodus International's Big Announcement (and Apology): A Selection of Valuable Responses

So much valuable commentary is being written about Exodus International's announcement about its closing of its doors, and about the apology Alan Chambers made to the gay community as he made the announcement, that it's hard to keep up with it all. As a service to readers, I thought I'd provide a list (in no certain order) of items I've noticed, which include Lisa Ling's special report for Huffington Post, the video at the top of the posting:*

1. Truth Wins Out, "Truth Wins Out Applauds Alan Chambers' Decision to Shut Down Exodus International"

2. John Burnett, NPR, "All Things Considered," "Group That Claims to 'Cure' Gays Disbands, Leader Apologizes" 

3. Colleen Kochivar-Baker, Enlightened Catholicism, "When Conversion Precipitates Real Meaningful Change"

4. Jim Burroway, Box Turtle Bulletin, "Liveblog of Exodus Conference"

5. Ditto, "Reactions to Exodus's Closing Continue to Pour In"

6. Alexandra Schluster, Huffington Post, "Exodus International Ex-Gay Survivor Discusses 'Homoerotic' Experience: 'The Damage . . . Was Astounding"

7. Andrew Sullivan, The Dish, "An Unconditional Surrender in the Culture War"

8. Candace Chellew-Hodge, Religion Dispatches, "Exodus 'Ex-Gay' Ministry Closes Up Shop"

9. Terence Weldon, Queering the Church, "Exodus International: Ex-Gay Efforts Are Un-Christian"

10. Alan McCornick, Hepzibah, "Free to Fly"

11. Fred Clark, Slacktivist, "The Lies of Exodus Were a Bearing Wall for Evangelicalism" (see a subsequent posting for a quote for the day from Fred's posting)

I may be missing some important commentary. I'm sure I am. If you all spot items about which we need to hear, please feel free to list them in commentary here. If you're a friend and I just haven't yet seen something you've written, please know I'm not deliberately snubbing you--I don't roll that way.

But, of course, not everything I list or talk about in any posting is necessarily something with which I agree 100% (just as I would hope no one ever agrees 100% with every jot and tittle I blab about here). And I have no intention of impugning anyone's integrity when I say, "This is important to hear. Now let's also listen to this alternative commentary." That is how I roll!

*I'm just now realizing that the Lisa Ling video is the same video about which Chris Morley kindly informed us yesterday in a posting here. According to Chris, it was sponsored by the Oprah show, and so my information that it was sponsored by Huffington Post may well be incorrect.

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