Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Priests Killing Gays with Stools and U.S. Catholic Bishops' Anti-Gay Victory in Illinois

It's interesting to see Dennis Coday juxtaposing the following two headlines in his "Morning Briefing" column in National Catholic Reporter today:

A sad commentary on our times: Facebook Game Features Priest Killing Gays With Stools In Georgia 
Catholic bishops declare victory after Illinois same-sex marriage bill stalls

It's almost as if the two go together, isn't it? As if you can't talk prejudice and discrimination without egging on real violence against people, which puts into effect the verbal and mental violence you've espoused through your rhetoric about disorder and about a whole set of fellow human beings as an incomparable threat to the ecology of the human community . . . .

There will always be people who understand such words, when they drop from the unctuous mouths of religious leaders professing to deplore hatred, as incitement to pick up stools and bash the stigmatized fellow human beings over the head. 

In the name of God, of course.

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