Monday, January 21, 2013

The Vatican Hurls Down Answers, Catholic Women Keep Asking Questions: Give Me the Questions

The Vatican can tell powerful Catholic women theologians and spiritual thinkers (e.g., Margaret Farley and Elizabeth Johnson)* to shut up, listen, and obey. But you can't stop powerful Catholic women theologians and spiritual thinkers from asking important unsettling questions:

The Church hierarchy which has no problem voicing its disapproval and rejection of the pro-choice movement, is very tame when it comes to gun control and silent when it comes to rape and rapists. Why is that?

Has Catholicism in its Vatican heart reached such a nadir that pedophile priests who rape and sexually abuse children have more rights within the Vatican than priests who speak on the issue of women's ordination?

Sister Teresa Forcades y Vila, OSB, by way of Rebel Girl at Iglesia Descalza:

And what private economic profit would there be from discovering a medicine against Chagas disease which causes thousands of deaths among the poor? None. So, it's not researched. On the other hand, male impotence, obesity and insomnia problems are researched. 

As I told one of my (white, male, heterosexist, homophobic, Catholic) interlocutors recently at a going-nowhere discussion of gay inclusion in the Catholic church (I'm for it, he's against), after listening to him, I think I'll take my chances with the tax collectors, publicans, prostitutes, and other ragtag outcasts with whom Jesus preferred to eat, rather than with the righteous people inside the house of God.

And when it comes to theology, I'm far more inclined to listen to the questions of holy, intelligent women than the answers offered me by the heterosexist (even when it's flamingly gay on the inside) male club that runs the Catholic church these days.

*If you want to read other postings I've made about Farley and Johnson, click the labels with their names at the foot of this posting.

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