Monday, January 7, 2013

Quote for the Day: "People of Conscience Should Boycott Bigotry"

A stirring and powerful statement by TheraP today at her Heresy & Humor blog, calling on lay Catholics who continue affiliating with the Catholic church in public ways to think seriously about the implications of that affiliation as the church's top leaders now take a leading global role in the attack on gay and lesbian persons:

The time is coming, perhaps it's already here, when catholics of good conscience will simply refrain from attending masses where their beloved brethren are not welcome. Where they are are instead preached against and expected to adopt the masochistic role in a sadomasochistic (church?) relationship with those who castigate them. Wherein to "attend" or "belong" means to disown themselves and be disowned by their detractors. 
It's time for the baptized to claim the priesthood of that baptism and to stand up, shake the dust off their sandals, and abandon a church where its hierarchy practices apartheid. A boycott is not only called-for. It's a matter of conscience!

The graphic: Lennon Cihak, the teen of the Crookston, Minnesota, diocese whom the diocese would not confirm after he posted this picture supporting marriage equality on his Facebook page.  His family has also now been denied communion.

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