Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quote of the Day: "The Eucharist Meal Was Not Intended to Be an Event Mainly to Be Monopolized and Controlled by a 'Mystical' Celibate Male Priesthood"

A powerfully insightful observation by Jerry Slevin at his Christian Catholicism blog site:

Having despaired of the loss of papal credibility, more Catholics will now acknowledge the increasingly significant historical and scriptural evidence concerning the Eucharist. This evidence makes clear that for Jesus and his initial disciples, the Eucharist Meal was not intended to be an event mainly to be monopolized and controlled by a “mystical” celibate male priesthood managed tightly by an opportunistic and unaccountable hierarchy. For the current Vatican, the Eucharistic Meal appears too often to be mainly a weekly fundraising event for overly trusting Catholics dominated by low-paid priests that the hierarchy appears to believe must be protected and supported blindly, even when they sexually abuse children.

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