Monday, January 21, 2013

Quote for Day: Gun Control and the March for Life

Some of the more egregious examples that I have seen are Catholic priests blogging or posting on social media about guns: how fun they are, how good they are, and how noble they are. One "famous" blogger definitely comes to mind, but so do other much less famous priests in my acquaintance. 
These conservative people are also gearing up to "march on Washington" this month to protest Roe v. Wade. Why? Because aborting children is wrong. And it is. But it has nothing to do with the true sense that all human life is sacred, but rather some "noble" duty to protect "innocents." 
Twenty children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT were innocent. 
Every child that dies in the streets of Chicago or LA is innocent. 
Every child whose body is ripped apart and burned from drone strikes is innocent. 
Unless you oppose violence in all of its forms, you cannot call yourself "pro-life." You're anti-abortion.

Later in the day: it occurs to me to ask one of those sassy questions that we who are shoved to the margins by the men with the answers are prone to keep on asking, even when we're told to shut up: will the U.S. Catholic bishops and the Vatican insist that all the priests posting photos of their favorite phallic boom sticks, as Thom phrases it, sign some kind of statement now confessing that they've strayed from Catholic truth about the value of life? Since, as Thom notes, they've posted these photos as a direct response to a mind-boggling tragedy in which innocent children were gunned down by phallic boom sticks similar to the ones whose pictures these "pro-life" priests are posting online.

Just asking.

The photo of a spiderweb is by Josef Stuefer at Creative Commons. I'm using it as a reminder that life is a web and all life issues are interconnected.

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