Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Christmas Eve News: Book Contract

A tidbit of personal good news that I thought I'd share here as the new year begins:

On Christmas eve, my contract for the book on which I've been working about which I've blogged here  several times in the past arrived. The book is entitled Fiat Flux: The Life and Work of Wilson R. Bachelor, 19th-Century Arkansas Country Doctor and Philosopher.

The book is supposed to be out by March, and is being published by University of Arkansas Press. I'll share more specifics about the book as the publication date nears. 

Receiving the contract on Christmas eve made for a nice Christmas gift, I won't deny, though I've known for some time that the book is slated for publication by Univ. of Arkansas Press. But I didn't want to disclose specific information about the publisher until I'd signed on the dotted line . . . .

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