Friday, January 25, 2013

Quotes for Day: Evangelical Men and Lying about Women's Health, Gays and Speaking Truth That Is in Us

Two eye-catching quotes for today, one long and one short:

This is from Fred Clark at his Slacktivist site, urging evangelical men to stop lying about women's health:

Millions of poor and working-class American women rely on Planned Parenthood for essential health services. Millions of women in Southern Baptist and other white evangelical congregations are poor and working-class. 
Millions of those women are the same women
White evangelical men do not realize this because women are told to be silent in the churches. And because women in their churches have been listening to the enthusiastic and gleeful lies about Planned Parenthood that the men in their churches tell and embellish and re-tell, and they know that the truth as they know it to be true is not welcome in such congregations. Their congregations are not safe places for this truth. 
This is a Bad Thing.

And this is from Fr. Geoff Farrow at his blog site, urging those of us who are gay to speak the truth that is in us:

The greatest contribution that any LGBT person can make to the cause of justice and equality is to stand up in the light of day and speak their truth clearly. 

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