Thursday, August 2, 2018

Anatrella and the Homophobic Catholic Two-Step: Footnote to This Morning's Posting

In what I posted earlier today about the Tony Anatrella story, I mentioned to you that MarkWilliam had offered to translate for us an article about this story from the Italian publication Avvenire. Mark has now posted his translation of that article, entitled "Abusi, la difesa di monsignor Tony Anatrella," by Luciano Moia. Mark's translation is here.

As you'll see when you read the article, this story is shaping up to be yet another Catholic hierarchical two-step in which every attempt will be made to deny that Anatrella was validly censured by ecclesiastical authorities, that he stands credibly accused, etc.

A certain sector of the Catholic church — and it has powerful influence in the Vatican — simply will not give up the gay-bashing. No matter what. This, of course, vastly undermines any shreds of credibility Catholic officials retain as moral teachers, and drives droves of people away from the Catholic church: as it's designed to do, since it quite deliberately communicates that the Catholic church is a heterosexual, heterosexist club in which LGBTQ people should have the good sense to know they are decidedly not welcome. 

Sarasi has also shared with me an article in Riposte-catholique entitled "Mgr Tony Anatrella forme un recours contre la réprimande canonique," by Maximilien Bernard. It's of the same ilk. Sarasi helpfully provides the following translation:

Following a canonical investigation decreed in October 2017 and conducted by the Officiality of Toulouse to avoid any pressure from Paris, the investigator delegate concluded on March 19, 2018, that no crime was attributable to Mgr. Tony ANATRELLA and that regardless of any prescription. In addition, for the second time, the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office dismissed all the complaints that had been filed.
Bishop Tony ANATRELLA is therefore totally innocent of the facts that are unfairly blamed. 
Nevertheless, without having had the humanity to receive it, the Archbishop of Paris sent by registered letter a "reprimand" to Bishop Tony ANATRELLA, and made it public what is contrary to the right of the Church. 
This decision of the Parisian ecclesiastical authority does not take into account the results of the canonical inquiry which completely exonerate Bishop Tony Anatrella. The Archbishop of Paris thus treats an innocent person as guilty. 
Confident in the justice and prudence of the Church, Bishop Tony Anatrella has just lodged an appeal seeking annulment of the effects of such a decision and recalls that this appeal suspends the reprimand.

Further translation (my gloss on the story, that is): Anatrella has defenders and allies in very high places. They do not intend to let him go down without a fight. The homophobia he has cemented in place in so many Vatican decisions and documents is too precious to the faction defending him for that faction to permit him to go down without a fight.

This is disgusting. It's also entirely predictable: again, remember the equally disgusting débacle regarding Cardinal Marx's statements earlier this year, with the shady, dishonest way in which church officials chose to "settle" that story.

P.S. I posted Sarasi's translation, but linked to Mark's, because Sarasi sent hers to me by email, rather than posting it in a comment here.

For the source of the photo of Anatrella at the head of the posting, see the previous posting today about him, linked at the head of this posting.

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