Thursday, August 23, 2018

Important Correction to My Earlier Posting About World Meeting of Families and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's Opening Homily

Please note that I have added an important correction to my previous posting. It's now included in the text of that posting, with a statement that I appear flatly to have misread Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's remarks in his homily at the World Meeting of Families — and Sarasi has kindly pointed this out to me. Since some readers may have read that posting and may not see my correction, I'm also posting it here as a stand-alone item. It reads,

Later: Sarasi has challenged my reading of Archbishop Martin's remarks above, and I think she is quite right in reading the remarks to say something quite different from what I initially heard in them. As she notes, the statement about ideological interpretations of a family that "probably does not exist" is likely a critique of people who want to exclude and attack LGBTQ families.

My apologies to all of you and Archbishop Martin — I think I simply misheard/misread these comments initially, and want to make note of my error, with a nod of gratitude to Sarasi.

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