Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Interesting Conversations Right Now re: Evangelicals Hopping on Gay-Bashing Bandwagon Following Pennsylvania Report


There are some interesting conversations going on in the ex-evangelical community right now, about the predictable Schadenfreude and predictable gay-bashing being exhibited by many evangelicals in light of the Pennsylvania grand jury report and the McCarrick story. Right-wing white evangelicals have long loved to pretend that sexual abuse of minors or sexual abuse of vulnerable church members by clergy are confined to the Catholic church — because all those gay clergy.

These problems don't exist in white evangelical churches because they don't love and harbor the gays. What makes it all the more astonishing to see white evangelicals trying to use these tactics right now is that we all know better: see, Andy Savage; see, Bill Hybels; see, Paige Patterson. As Blake Chastain states (see below), there's an opportunity now for a cross-denominational initiative against sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable parishioners within all churches, and the scapegoating narrative that tries to pin everything on the gays is thwarting that opportunity — and intends to thwart it. 






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