Monday, August 20, 2018

Anthea Butler Responds to Pope's Statement re: Clergy Sex Crimes: "Stop Passing the Buck Onto the People of God Instead of the Catholic Hierarchy"

Religious studies professor Anthea Butler responds to the latest papal statement about the abuse horror show, and, as ever tells the God's truth:

By the way, to see how the armchair-cowboy big boys who are bound and determined to pin the abuse situation on gay priests are responding to Marie Collins, check out the threads at this RNS article about the papal statement.

Marie Collins was raped by a priest when she was 13 years old. She has sat on the papal abuse advisory board. Yet the homophobic armchair cowboys, including one who was haunting threads here just a few days ago and another who is reincarnated from National Catholic Reporter threads, where he constantly sought to pour poison into discussion threads there (on behalf of Opus Dei, to which he's connected): they know better. They know better than Marie Collins.

It's all about gay priests.

Talk about chutzpah. Talk about hubris. Talk about don't have a leg to stand on, or, in your whole hulking, gormless body not as much integrity and moral courage as Marie Collins has in the fingernail of her little finger: these folks are the scourge of contemporary Catholicism, and, in any saner culture, there would be some quite searching questions about their unrelenting obssession with what they imagine (other?) gay men do in their bedrooms.

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