Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sun Rises, World Continues on Its Way: Things That Continue, from Today's Newsfeed

Cardinal Burke continues to emangelize.*

Some church-based institutions of higher learning continue claiming a religious "right" to discriminate against LGBT students, faculty, and staff.

Money and power continue to speak to money and power, and damn the consequences as spelled out in Two Corinthians or other holy texts.

Conservative "intellectuals" continue to be oblivious to their own responsibility for the rise of Trump the demagogue.

Racism continues to be a primary predictor of opposition to social welfare programs in the U.S.

Ted Cruz continues to be what he has been all along — an extremist who appeals to other extremists.

The current crop of presidential candidates representing one U.S. political party continue to be a serious danger to human survival.

Sarah Palin continues to have difficulty discerning and speaking the truth — including about her own family.

Tax payers continue paying a very high price for the anti-gay bigotry of their political leaders.

This old world continues to be a sad, confused place in which religious fanaticism often causes us to act against our own best interests, some human beings continue to be savage to other members of the animal kingdom, and some human beings continue to be savage to other human beings.

*My apologies for misleading you readers: the interview with Cardinal Burke is apparently dated 5 January 2015. I had thought, from Dara Kelly's article, that it had occurred 5 January this year, and when I clicked to the New Emangelization website, I saw no year stated at the heading of the interview. However, when I noticed that discussions of Dara Kelly's article at the National Catholic Reporter website included comments that the interview was not recent, and then scrolled down to the thread of comments at the New Emangelization site, I realized that the interview did, in fact, take place in 2015 (and I commented on it back then, I seem to recall).

(Thanks to Kathy Shaw for the link to the article about Cardinal Burke on Facebook.)

The video: Pete Seeger and Judy Collins singing, "Turn, Turn, Turn," from the Folk Music Channel at YouTube.

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