Thursday, January 28, 2016

Comedian Kate Clinton on Cardinal Burke's Solution to the "Man-Crisis" in the Catholic Church: #Feminism

Yesterday, I linked to Dara Kelly's article in Irish Central reporting on an recent interview* that Cardinal Raymond Burke gave to Matthew James Christoff at the New Emangelization Project website.

As Dara Kelly notes, in this interview about the "man-crisis" in the Catholic church, His Eminence blames women for the problems of the church at this point in time. He claims that women have ruined the Catholic church, and that "feminized" (read: gay) priests caused the abuse crisis, which has now been resolved, he suggests, because there has been a crackdown on gay priests. Burke maintains that the Catholic church needs to be "emangelized" to set it to rights.

Cardinal Burke is the fellow in the photo above, which is from comedian Kate Clinton's Facebook feed, by way, I believe, of #FreeThinkers United for Change.

*My apologies for misleading you readers: the interview is apparently dated 5 January 2015. I had thought, from Dara Kelly's article, that it had occurred 5 January this year, and when I clicked to the New Emangelization website, I saw no year stated at the heading of the interview. However, when I noticed that discussions of Dara Kelly's article at the National Catholic Reporter website included comments that the interview was not recent, and then scrolled down to the thread of comments at the New Emangelization site, I realized that the interview did, in fact, take place in 2015 (and I commented on it back then, I seem to recall.)

Even if the interview is a year old, I'm still happy to see people taking notice of this nonsense, and giving it the ridicule it deserves.

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