Sunday, January 17, 2016

Francis DeBernardo on Vatican's "Gay Lobby": Red Herring Distracting Us from Necessary and Real Conversation about LGBT Issues and People

Francis DeBernardo on the persistent rumor of a "gay lobby" in the Vatican, a rumor recently popping up (or is the word I'm seeking "pooping"?) again at right-wing Catholic blog sites, as he notes:

Conspiracy theories pop up when one side of a discussion (in this case, Catholics who do not want change) feels as if they are losing the argument. It is simply a way to discredit the other side and to try to offer an alternative explanation of why the argument is being lost–instead of just relying on logic and rational discourse. It is a tactic used from ancient times to contemporary politics. It is laughable, except for the fact that it can cause harm because some people will believe it. 
Our church needs so many improvements in regard to LGBT ministry and justice. Discussing this red herring takes away from having a real conversation on the real issues. Let’s hope and pray that, instead, church leaders will start an open and healthy discussion on LGBT issues with all in their church, including and especially, their brothers in the clergy.

(Thanks to Jim McCrea for circulating Francis DeBernardo's article by email.)

I find the red herring illustration at many sites online, and have used it previously, but have not found its original source.

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