Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Note of Thanks to Those Who Make This Blog Possible — Above All, My Husband Steve

As a new year gets underway, I feel moved to make a statement of heartfelt thanks here — thanks to my husband Steve, who makes it possible for me to blog (and read and write) by assuming the responsibility of being the primary breadwinner of our household. As some of you know (but you may not all know this), I don't have a full-time job, while Steve does. 

He has insisted that I make my writing, blogging included, my daily work, with his blessing and support. I could not do this — I could not maintain this blog — without his generosity in helping to support me as I write. And I want to say that now in a public way here, as 2016 gets underway. I am deeply grateful for the gift Steve has long been to me, and for the many gifts he has brought to our life together.

Though I don't usually mention this, so much that I say here reflects daily conversations I have with Steve about the topics discussed here. He often doesn't read my blog, doesn't have time to do so, because he works very hard at his 9-5 work. But as we take our daily walk with the dogs or cook together, I bring him up to date on what I've been talking about here, what I'm thinking about. And those conversations, along with his rich insights into so many issues, form a constant backdrop to what I write here.

I also want to say a word of sincere thanks to several generous readers of Bilgrimage who sent donations to this blog as the old year ended. Steve and I both very much appreciate your support. 

Speaking of support, Fred Clark issued an appeal for financial support of his Slacktivist site this morning. Fred is one of the best religion-and-culture, religion-and-politics bloggers around. I hope if any of you happen to have a few extra coins on hand, you might put them in Fred's donation jar.

The graphic: a votive plaque giving thanks at the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in New Orleans, by infrogmation, who has kindly uploaded the photo to Wikimedia Commons for sharing.

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