Friday, January 8, 2016

Quote for Day: Federal Government Treads Lightly with White Right-Wing Insurgents "Because White Christian Lives Do Matter"

Glen Ford explains why the federal government punks out when confronting white right-wing insurgents: 

When a criminal justice system born in Native American genocide and Black slave patrolling finds itself in conflict with conservative white Christian landowners, it short-circuits. . . . [T]he U.S. criminal justice system was not created to control white militias or greedy ranchers or gun-toting racists and Bible-thumpers. For most of U.S. history, these were prime stakeholders in the American project to build a White Man’s Nation. The gunmen in Oregon have plenty of historical reasons to believe that land-grabbing is their birthright – and that a significant segment of white America empathizes with them. The federal government treads lightly, because white Christian lives do matter.

The photo of Ammon Bundy speaking at a forum hosted by the American Academy for Constitutional Education at the Burke Basic School in Mesa, Arizona, in 2014 (with George Washington in his pocket) is by Gage Skidmore and has been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons for online sharing.

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