Friday, October 2, 2015

News Flash: Pope Met Gay Friend While on American Tour

Wow. They're really in damage-control mode today. What that tells us is how much the pushback regarding the meeting with Kim Davis has unsettled them. 

By "them," I mean the top leaders of the Catholic church.

CNN is reporting right now in an exclusive report that the pope had a private meeting with an Argentinian friend of his who's a member of a gay couple, while he was in D.C.

Let me stress again: while the pope refused all requests to meet with LGBT people who asked for such a meeting when the pope was in U.S., he met with a friend of his who happens to be gay and partnered.

I suppose that's at least something. I also wonder if this information would ever have been made public had the Kim Davis scandal not broken.

And as the spinmeisters themselves have told us, a meeting with someone doesn't mean much more than that the pope is kind and available. It surely does not mean endorsement of that someone and how he/she lives.

This is getting to be downright amusing. Where is my popcorn?

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