Thursday, October 15, 2015

As the Synod Meets, Story of the Shattering of Careers of Two Gay Theologians by Catholic Officials: A Complete Set of Links to Previous Postings Here

Dear Folks,

I told you yesterday I should gather together the links I've posted now in two sets, providing information about my story — about how my career as a lay Catholic theologian and that of my husband have been shattered by Catholic pastoral leaders, with never any explanation of why they have done this to us. I've now gathered those links together in one list arranged chronologically (in the order in which I wrote them). I think one of these may not have appeared in either of the two previous postings.

For those who have read the two postings from which this list is gathered, there's nothing really new (save for that single link I've now added). But I thought that gathering them into a single list might help anyone who wants to read all the postings in chronological order.

I have undertaken this project right now, of course, because the men leading the Catholic church are now gathered in Rome to discuss whether the Catholic church should be merciful, welcoming, healing, and inclusive. It has not been that to many LGBT human beings at this point in history — far from it. And our stories need to be heard.

When Master and Slave Reverse: The Gay Struggle for Human Rights

The Refusal of Bishops to Be Good Shepherds: More Roots of the Abuse Crisis

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