Friday, October 2, 2015

Barbie Latza Nadeau on Vatican "Clarification" of Pope's Meeting with Kim Davis: "Pope Doesn’t Say 'Stay Strong' to Just Everyone He Meets"

At Daily Beast, Barbie Latza Nadeau is right on target with her assessment of today's Vatican (non-) statement about what the pope knew as he met with Kim Davis, and what happened in that meeting: 

Davis's lawyer Mat Staver still stands by his declaration that "Not only did Pope Francis know of Kim Davis, he personally met with her to express his support." It is a fact that the pope doesn’t stay "stay strong" to just everyone he meets, if he said that, instead he often asks them to pray for him, which he also did in this case, according to Davis. But "stay strong" — again, if that's what the pope really said—is a curious greeting for someone who didn't know the particulars, or may reflect what he was told as she was introduced. 
The Vatican statement will do little to quell the many conspiracy theories that include rumors of a holy coup against the pontiff by evil conservatives duping him in an attempt to sully his reputation ahead of the Grand Synod to begin on Sunday. The pope has a mind of his own, but he is one of the most advised leaders in the world, especially on the U.S. visit, which was planned down to the minute with the help of the powerful American Bishops, some of whom are clearly at odds with the Francis approach to the Church. 
It should also be noted, as we've reported in The Daily Beast, that the pontiff's attitude toward same-sex marriage is far from what the LGBT community would hope, and some believe. 
And finally, the statement does little to answer the very basic question about just who else was in the group of "several dozen persons" who were apparently with Davis and her husband when they were at the Vatican embassy. Surely a witness to such an historical and hysterical event would have come forward by now to clarify just what contact the pontiff and the gay marriage martyr had. 
At a briefing on the logistics of the Grand Synod on Friday, Lombardi was pressured to give a few more details about just what the pope knew, and how Davis was invited to the embassy reception line. "This press conference is about the synod and not Kim Davis," he said. "I have nothing more to say on the matter."

Kind and available Vatican, please respond? Thanks!

Oh, and stay strong! :-)

The video of which I provide a screenshot above is found in the Daily Beast article linked above. Because I could not figure out how to turn off the annoying automatic-play feature with the video, I have provided a screenshot of it to let readers know it's within the Daily Beast article, and to recommend it to you.

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