Sunday, October 25, 2015

Krzysztof Charamsa on Pedophile Lobby in the Vatican and the Logic of the Church: Who's Welcome in the Catholic Community, and Who Is Not Welcome

As Chris pointed out in a comment here yesterday, in a section of his Religión Digital interview with the defrocked gay priest and Vatican employee Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, journalist José Manuel Vidal asks Msgr. Charamsa about what seems to be a glaring discrepancy between the alacrity with which Catholic officials defrock a priest who comes out of the closet, and their ability to tolerate (and hide) a pedophile priest for years. Brittmarie Janson Perez has sent me a translation of that section of the interview, which I'd like to share with you this morning.

Charamsa responds to Vidal's question:

It is also true that pedophilia continues to be protected by the Church to save its image and not pay for the damage caused. I am going to give you an example. Toward the end of last summer, the Polish Nuncio, Archbishop Wesolowski, tried by the Congregation as a pedophile, died. That man had a funeral which lasted 10 days, between the Vatican and Poland. A 10-day funeral for a prisoner who had already been tried by an ecclesiastical tribunal for sexual abuse. That funeral started with a sung Mass celebrated by the closest collaboraors of the pope and ended 10 days later in Poland with the reading of a letter in which it was said that the acusations of pedophilia were only inventions of the Dominican Republic mafia. The Vatican allowed this spectacle instead of thinking of how to immediately indemnify the victims of this pederast bishop. 
Seeing all this, one can reach the conclusion that there is a pedophile lobby in the Vatican. Yes, many pederast priests and bishops get special treatment and many go scot free. In the light of this Vatican reaction to a gay priest who tells the truth is a shameful automatic reaction. But that is the logic of the Church: everything must be hidden "for the good of the Church." While it is covered up, nothing happens. But for the Church, "the devil" is the priest who tells the truth, who comes out into the light, out of the closet.

The Spanish text for which Brittie is providing a translation is at the link above. For my discussion yesterday of other portions of this interview, please see here.

And given that the final report of the synod in Rome cannot bring itself to say the word "welcome" to LGBT Catholics, even as many liberal Catholics in the U.S. and elsewhere celebrate what they claim is a breakthrough for Pope Francis's campaign for a more merciful church, what can one really conclude from the synod report and Charamsa's testimony except that LGBT human beings are a kind of human garbage in the view of many Catholic leaders — and that the liberal supporters of the church and its leaders are perfectly content to see their LGBT brothers and sisters used in this way, over and over again, while sung Masses celebrated by papal confidantes are staged for notorious pedophile archbishops?

The "logic of the church" to which Msgr. Charamsa rightly points in his comments: it's sickening, when viewed in light of the gospels. The logic of who is welcomed and who is told not to darken the doorstep of the church, that is . . . .

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