Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More Links to Past Postings in Which I've Told My Story Here — The Shattering of Careers of Two Gay Theologians by Catholic Officials

I don't mean to bombard you kind folks with lots of links telling my personal story — the painful details of how Catholic officials shattered my vocation and that of my husband Steve as Catholic theologians in the early 1990s. But since Electra indicated to me several days ago that she had not heard these details, and since that suggests to me there may be other readers of this blog who also have not heard them, I've been trying to gather together a list of previous postings here in which I tell the story.

I shared some of those links with you yesterday. Here are a few more, ones I missed when I compiled my previous list for Electra. I've tried to keep them in chronological order, but obviously, some of these fit together with pieces I gave you yesterday, so that this list should be combined with the list I provided yesterday. If I were more organized, I'd combine the two lists and try to make a single list of them, in chronological order.

Here are the ones I've found to share today:

Thank you all for your many kind comments yesterday. I hope to catch up on comment-talk later in the day. Tuesday is, as Steve calls it, Gray Hair Shopping Day, at our local grocery store, so I always have a big chunk of my time for blogging taken up on that senior discount day when we do our shopping over his lunch hour, and I then spend much of the afternoon working to clean and store fruit and vegetables and to steam, sauté, stew, fry — you name it — so that we'll have the rudiments of our meals prepared for the rest of the week.

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