Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Video Discussions of Pope Benedict's Defrocking of 400 Priests Who Had Abused Minors: "They've Been Kicked into Society with No Repercussions Whatsoever"

Two video interviews discussing the AP report that, in 2011 and 2012 Pope Benedict defrocked some 400 priests who has abused children: in the first, Judy Block-Jones, Midwest Director of SNAP, speaks to Al Jazeera, and in the second, Father Thomas Reese and Joelle Casteix (also of SNAP) speak to Milissa Rehberger of MSNBC:

In the video at the top of the posting, Judy Block-Jones asks, "Where are these [defrocked] priests? . . . If the child predators are still out there roaming the streets, kids are not safe":

And here's Joelle Casteix: "Yes, these men were defrocked, but as we just heard, they are out there. We don't know who these men are, we don't know what kinds of crimes they committed, we don't know what countries they're in, we don't know anything about them. They've been kicked into society with no repercussions whatsoever":

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