Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Comments about Comments Here (with Apologies to Those Whose Comments Have Been Classified as "Pending," and I've Only Now Seen Them)

A little while ago, I discovered comments several of you have made here in the past few days, which had been shunted into the "pending" folder in the Disqus system for this blog. My sincere apologies to those of you whose comments were in that folder pending my approval. It so seldom happens that comments here go to the pending folder, that I seldom check it. I do see the comments classified as outright spam, since Disqus puts those in the thread of all approved comments for some reason--with an indication that they are spam and won't be visible until I approve them.

If you leave a comment here and it suddenly disappears, please don't hesitate to let me know. I try to read each comment made here, and to respond to those directly addressed to me. I tend to hit the "like" button for comments addressed to other readers here, to signal my appreciation of each person's contribution to the conversation.

Commenting traffic here has been quite a bit heavier after the National Catholic Reporter comment threads were suspended, and I am even slower than usual at reading and replying to comments--slow, precisely because I take them seriously and read each of them. Again, my very sincere apologies to any of you whose comment had gone into the pending folder, and which I hadn't seen there until today. Please do feel free to email me (using the email link under "Contact me" on my profile page here).

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