Monday, January 20, 2014

Problems with Comments at Various Blogs?

At various sites using Disqus for comments, there have been reports in the last few days that some readers of blogs suddenly can't see comments. This is an ongoing problem that people have experienced with Disqus and other commenting systems at blog sites.

In trying to assist someone having that problem here, I've just found a notice at the Joe.My.God blog which may explain why this problem is suddenly occurring for some readers of blogs using Firefox and Internet Explorer (or Chrome, as readers report in the thread below the comment). Joe.My.God points his readers to a Mozilla help thread which is discussing the problem, and has been helpful to some people with the problem. As this thread suggests, it may be happening to some readers because of an update to some security software programs in the past week.

I hope this information will be helpful to anyone who may be having problems of this kind with the Disqus system here or at other sites--or with other commenting systems that might be affected by updates of security software.

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