Saturday, January 4, 2014

Provocative One-Liners from News, First Week of 2014

Provocative one-liners from smart news commentary or articles I read this past week:

A mere 20 or so years ago, all of it - the angry reporting of the comments, the subsequent careful denials, investigations and quibbling about who said what - would have fallen into the  great vast silence that was business as usual, and never seen the oh-so-slowly-changing light of day.

I am convinced of one thing: the great changes in history were realized when reality was seen not from the center but rather from the periphery.

The case that led to a New Year’s Eve injunction was brought by a group of Roman Catholic nuns in Colorado who are claiming a religious objection to … paperwork.

Kenneth Langone via Joe Conason: 

I’m nuts, I’m rich, and, boy, do I love a fight. I’m going to make them s—- in their pants.

It is amazing to witness the sheer depths of rage, denial and disgust many people experience as they see millions of people gaining access to affordable health care for the first time.

Phil Robertson’s comments about gay and black people and social welfare — and the way they pierced public consciousness — explain more about our country’s political culture than almost anything else that happened all year.

I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven.

To create a real center, you need a real left.

Not human. Not friend. Not Christian. Not brother. 

Time for the "let the churches handle it" crowd to fish or get off the pot: 1.3 million unemployed lose their lifeline.

Dr. Mary Pham via Abby Zimet: 

I don't do bully.

And the graphic at the head of the posting is from this final link. 

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